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It is time for your afternoon nap. After a long day of cleaning and working, when you finally put your head on the pillow, you hear that loud machine noise. You get up and track the sound, and it is your dryer vent. This all could be only a dream only with Ac Repair Of The Woodlands.

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When people have troubles of any kind with their Dryer Vents, they do one of two things. They either spend a few dollars at the store to get the equipment and DIY the cleaning process or call the best in town. You do not have to look for the best, because the best is right in front of you.

Ac Repair Of The Woodlands is the top cleaning company in The Woodlands. We have a team of efficient techs who spend many hours fixing Dryers for people. We may have spent +5 years only in the Dryer cleaning business, but we managed to get to the top fast and easy because of our integrity, transparency, and hard work.


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Causes Of Dryer Vent Issues

Now that you know who to call, you should also know what is wrong with your machine. It could be a clog, for instance, because after the drying cycle ends, lint gathers on the lint screen. However, with time and neglecting cleaning, it finds its way into the pipes clogging them.

Lint is actually more problematic than it may sound as it can create the perfect environment to invite insects to inhabit the pipes or, worse, cause dryer fires. Also, clogging causes the Dryer not to work as efficiently as it did before, and it uses more electricity and cycles to dry the clothes.

Naturally, all this will cause the machine to wear out and stop working earlier before its time. So, next time you think you need a new Dryer, you may consider calling Ac Repair Of The Woodlands for a thorough and efficient clean first. We are confident you will reconsider.

Signs You Should Act Upon

There are a couple of signs which indicate that there is a problem with your Dryer Vent. If you notice any of the following symptoms, do not hesitate to call us. Delaying the issue for later will only make it worse and cost you more.

These signs are: increase in the energy bill, musty smell in the washing room, hot wet clothes after the drying cycle is over, loud noise coming from your dryer vent, and lint coming out of the vents . Ac Repair Of The Woodlands is near and available for you whenever you need help.

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